Tallinn School of Construction is a vocational education institution in Tallinn, managed by the Ministry of Education and Research and financed from the state budget, which has been operating since 1947.

The study is carried out on the basis of curricula corresponding to the national professional standards of the profession in four curriculum groups:

  1. Construction and civil facilities: construction of stone and concrete structures, construction of wooden structures, construction carpenter, construction finishing, painter, tiler, restorer-finisher, heating and cooling systems locksmith;
  2. Electrical energy and energy: interior electrician;
  3. Processing of wood materials: joiner, furniture restorer, upholstered furniture maker, CNC machining center operator, wood bench operator;
  4. Gardening: landscape gardener.

Vocational exams are held in the school. The school cooperates with vocational training institutions, general education schools, higher education institutions, employers and professional associations and participates from international projects.

Training of internationally competitive skilled workers  corresponding to the labour market.

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